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Why True Business is About the Customer

Every business wants to bring innovative ideas to the table. But if these ideas don’t serve the customers that they are selling to, the products won’t move. Brand loyalty only goes so far when customers are looking for solutions to their problems. When a business neglects customers, it createsvanity products that impress itself. But impressive ideas will eventually reach a profit cap when launched without respect to real customer needs.

Why Management is an Ever-Evolving Role

Entrepreneurs are innovators at heart—but often they must be managers too. Business owners who are put into a managerial role have to wear an additional hat that requires constant evaluation, adjustment and innovation. Even the brightest and the boldest team is lost without a leader to work with them and guide them through the challenges.

Doing business as the underdog

In history’s most compelling stories, the unexpected hero often wins the day. We can all relate to the underdog. But the middle of the story–whether ours or someone else’s, usually makes us dreadfully uncomfortable.Waiting for resolution, we can become anxious, fearful and eager to fast-forward to the conclusion of the story. We need our character to overcome.I have felt all of these things and more as I worked to establish Equator as a viable company.

Overcoming challenges and never giving up

Most of us have experienced failureon some level in our lives. One must realize that challenges and difficulties will abound—and few are immune to their grasping reach. However, when challenges arise in business and in life, we all have the same choice: to become overwhelmed and defeated, or get up, push through and move on.

A CEO’s advice on doing business in China

Technology and innovation creates a more accessible world. And greater connecton and accessibility means your perfect business partnercould be across the world. But in order to create and enjoy a harmonious business relationship, you must be willilng to step out of your comfort zone. Experiencing how other cultures conduct businessand do life bridges gaps and differences, and builds trust.