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Gripping Story, Emotional Roller Coaster!
Just finished reading the book. Went through it in 6 hours non stop. Unable to put it down from start to finish. Gripping story, emotional roller coaster that keeps you wanting to know “and then what happened next”! The management/business/leadership tips are tied in nicely along the way. And I loved the quotes at the beginning of every chapter. Great read on the ups and downs of a business that wants to live (and almost die) to do the right thing for its customers.

By Rashid N Kapadia

A Breathtaking Business-Drama-Novel. And a “Lessons Learned” & “How To” Guidebook for Entrepreneurs
Atul Vir’s journey as an unintentional entrepreneur, is living testament to the enduring power of his school’s motto “Never Give In”.

This book however is much more than an inspiring perseverance story. It is a combined “Lessons Learned”, and “How To” guidebook for entrepreneurs and for those who aspire to entrepreneurship. And it is simultaneously a—I can’t put this book down—business drama novel.

Over 20 diverse chapters, crisscrossing continents and cultures, the author takes the reader on a visceral rollercoaster ride through the many agonies and ecstasies of an entrepreneurial voyage. He tells it as it is. He comes across as a deeply thoughtful, kind, calm mentor and storyteller; candidly sharing his harrowing experiences and his acquired wisdom.

One reaches the end of the book knowing much more of the reality of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, balance, ethics, and human fallibility.

By Tricia Bregman

A persistent entrepreneur who “Never Gives Up!” Enjoyable read.
India native Atul Vir founded and leads global company Equator Advanced Appliances out of Houston, Texas – a provider of home appliances. Sound staid and lacking excitement? Think again. Buckle up your seat belt and take the entrepreneurial roller coaster as Vir lets you ride shotgun to the ups and downs of creating a new appliance market with international vendors and universal human shortcomings. The machine – a combination washer/dryer for the US consumer – might be perfect but, you don’t know what the people involved are going to do. Vir, a transparent and ethical leader, finds his style opens doors and other times leaves him vulnerable to deceit. In moments of crisis, Vir recites his military prep school’s motto: “Never Give Up” and just doesn’t quit.

Find out why Vir believes the lone entrepreneur is the underdog whose win is a victory for customers.

By Amir N.

Excellent Read
When I was serving as Dean at the UHV Business School, I invited Atul Vir to speak to the graduating MBA class and an audience of over 300 people for our Distinguished Speaker series, for which he was given a standing ovation. His book is a must read for business students in general and International Business and Entrepreneurship students in particular. Through the story of his life and sharing his journey and business philosophy, Vir educates his readers about the importance of business ethics, cultural understanding, integrity, customer trust, defiance in the face of injustice, perseverance, and commitment to customer service as the guiding principles to overcome the challenges that an entrepreneur will face. This is an immigrant story, and entrepreneur story, a comeback story and an innovation story where the author reminds us that “The ultimate success is creating products and services that improve your customer’s world”.

Dr. Farhang Niroomand

By Shinny

Wow this was an amazing read
I met the author, Mr. Atul Vir at a recent meeting of Share our Secrets (“SOS”) organization. I was intrigued and ordered my copy via Amazon. I could not stop reading the book until I finished reading it. It touches to the core of the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a story of carving out ones own path from idea formation to execution. Hard work and luck. Trust and betrayal and shattered dreams. Ultimately the comeback story that we all love. Except this is not a story, Mr Vir exists and has been in business in H-town for the past 30 years. He has a niche product mix nestled between giants in the appliance industry.

By Pradeep Anand

How to succeed in international business!
Today’s global entrepreneurs are players in a complex environment of international business. To be successful, they need to overcome multidimensional challenges. Atul Vir provides these entrepreneurs first hand, insightful perspectives that lucidly reveal the challenges of getting started and the texture of doing business across borders. It is a must read for worldwide entrepreneurs, students and beginners in international business, and seasoned entrepreneurs.


Gripping real life tale of business, life and character
Atul has written a book that is at once exciting and filled with business lessons. Despite potential business-ending hurdles thrown in his path, time and again he has overcome and truly lived his school’s motto “Never Give In”! If this were a work of fiction, one would have thrilled at the resilience and strength of character of the main player. Having myself spent all my life working in the international business arena, I could deeply relate to the challenges he faced and appreciated all the nuggets of wisdom throughout the book. A Great Read!!!

By Kay5318

Couldn’t Put This Book Down!
Underdog Thinking is an ode to the underdogs and their path to their comeback story. His story jumps straight into action and never lets up. It’s an easy read and I found myself learning more than I could imagine about the laundry appliance industry. Atul is a relatable and likable character. At the end of his story, you find yourself wanting to be his friend and wanting to find out more about his company. It is heartfelt, smart, and gripping. It will make you believe that with hard work and dedication your entrepreneur dream can come true as well.

By Jehangir Noor

Inspiration for youngsters
A very good book written in an easy to read style . The reader is quickly a part of his life’s journey
Atul’s book talks about his journey , in becoming the business magnate that he is today .
His story will inspire young entrepreneurs, and inventors .
The takeaway from the book I feel is ‘never give up ‘ and if you are passionate about something you will always succeed .

By Minister

A must-read book for international business executives or those who want to be one!
I first had the pleasure of meeting Atul Vir when he was investigating the possibility of shifting some equipment manufacturing for his business to the Republic of Macedonia in 2007. I was immediately taken by our shared commitment to high ethical international business behavior. This highly recommended book is a compilation of the challenges Mr. Vir faced around the world in building a global company while successfully maintaining his high integrity and values.

By Jocelyn Eastman

Wonderful book!
One of the most interesting personal stories I’ve ever read. Couldn’t put it down! I definitely think this is worth a read. Plus, I learned that there was such a thing called washer dryer combos! Kudos to the author!

By Jagdish sheth

Underdog Thinking is simply outstanding!
Atul Vir has a God-given gift of storytelling. It is a real Horatio Alger story of struggle, survival, and triumph. The book has the potential for a great movie! — Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

By Robert W

More than a textbook
It’s compelling, instructive and so very personal that I read it and felt as if I knew the author. In other words, he made it so much more than a textbook, it’s a story of a journey. I wanted to read more. That’s the best compliment I can give.

By Yere nwagu

Lovely descriptive writing
The book has adopted a descriptive style to teach the audience business secrets which makes the book all the better!

By Fabiano F. Rocha Loures

The underdog’s book! Amazing
Every underdog need this read! Thanks Atul for sharing your history!

By Arsh

So much Value
Great journey. Lots of valuable lessons.