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When your empire falls apart there’s only one way to go - back to the Equator

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If you’ve ever been at the top, or strived toward it, you know the feeling of accomplishment, success, freedom and most of all the trust of those who helped you get there.

Now imagine it all stripped away in one fatal moment—the kind of moment that brings empires down, when you discover who your real friends are.

As businesses rise and fall to the tune of supply and demand, sometimes the harshest betrayals come out of nowhere, when you least expect it—as do the surprising sparks of hope.

CEO, business ethics thought leader, speaker and author Atul Vir has lived that story. And even in the darkest moments when failure seemed most imminent, he drew on the work ethic instilled from his earliest days, and his commitment to do right by his customers—to bring Equator up from the ashes and back to life.

In his new book, Atul will inspire you to face any challenge that comes your way—with practical business lessons for every step of the journey, gleaned from his experience as both an immigrant building a business and as CEO of Equator for more than 25 years.

At the heart of it, through all the ups and downs, this is a tale about the American Dream.

A lesson in business and life- steeped in adventure

Some entrepreneurs are born. Others are made through life experiences, necessity, storms or circumstances beyond their control. But regardless of their background or the journey of getting from point A to point Entrepreneur, one thing is the same: the call of entrepreneurship runs deep—and once it takes hold, it’s got you for life.

Ideating, innovating and creating are more than the sum of their parts. They are lifelong endeavors and commitments that must be honed carefully, day by day, with every customer interaction, every call to action and every response to them. The end result is more than a product. For the fires of life produce a character that is sometimes unrecognizable to the person you thought you were. The experiences along the way force a person to choose their path, whether the high or the low road.

While many will say it’s the journey that counts—and that’s true—where it takes you is equally important. Because we all have a choice in life, to face challenges with integrity or bow under their weight, to innovate for vanity’s sake or to create real solutions. This is the challenge of business, and this is the story of life. No one escapes unscathed. But the question is, who will you be when you come out of the fire?

In this book, Atul Vir provides real-world business lessons based on his popular keynote given at top business schools around the world.


A CEO’s advice on doing business in China

Technology and innovation creates a more accessible world. And greater connecton and accessibility means your perfect business partnercould be across the world. But in order to create and enjoy a harmonious business relationship, you must be willilng to step out of your comfort zone.

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  • ENTREPRENEURS who want to be mentored in their business by real-world experience for navigating the challenges of launching and growing a business.
  • BUSINESS STUDENTS who want an in-depth look at the highs and lows of launching and running a business ethically—and gain practical lessons for launching into the professional world.
  • EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS who face the daily challenges of running a companywhile keeping the needs of their customers first, no matter what.
  • ADVENTURE SEEKERS wanting to get lost in an international tale of glory, harrowing betrayal and the rise from the ashes of a fallen empire to global renown—with life-applicable lessons along the way.
  • INNOVATORS who want to understand how innovation happens, and have practical steps to take their ideas and products to reality—or to the next level.
Mr.Atul Vir
CEO, Equator Advanced Appliances

Meet the author

Mr. Vir founded Equator Advanced Appliances with one goal: to help his wife spend less time doing laundry and more time with her family. Over the years, he has grown Equator into a leading appliance company with interests in the United States, India, China, Canada, Mexico and Europe. As the President of Equator, Mr. Vir is known for designing some of the world’s most innovative household appliances, including combo washer-dryers that wash and dry in a single unit. Mr. Vir’s work has led to 18patents and a global reputation for innovation.

  • Credentials: President -Equator Advanced Appliances, Founder - American Institute of Business Ethics, Education Committee - RVAA, Advisory Board Member - Glenbrook Studios
  • Volunteer: Deans Advisory Council - The Business School of University of Houston - Victoria, Advisor - Entrepreneurship program - Newspring Center, Houston , Founding Board Member - Youth Leadership Development Program, Advisor - Prison Entrepreneurship Program, Judge - Business Plan Competition - Houston Community College
  • Awards:Adex USA, Global product and service awards - UK, Global innovation awards - International Housewares Association USA, TecHome Brilliance Awards - USA, Twice VIP -USA