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Equator in China News




A Q&A with Atul Vir, President of Equator Appliances

Atul Vir, the President of Equator Appliances, spent some time answering our questions for a recent episode of Corner Office.

George Willy Radio Show - Atul Vir's Interview

George Willy is an Immigration Lawyer in the Houston area and has practiced law for the last 32 years. During this tenure, he has successfully completed several EB1-As and EB2-NIWs for scientists. The reason for his great success in this field is his background in the philosophy of science. In grad school he explored the philosophical foundations of Einstein’s General Theory of relativity. He is still engaged in this area of study. His curiosity in the sciences and all areas of learning gives him the unique ability to explore the variety of fields.

New Super Combo RV washer dryer from Pinnacle Appliances



Micheal King Interviews Atul Vir

Michael King welcomes Atul Vir with Equator Advanced Appliances for an interview and demo on our latest product Super Combo. Vir also shared his journey with Equator pioneering products with advanced technologies.

Little Duck Group, China



Mr. Vir visited the Little Duck Group in China in March, where he discussed Equator Advanced Appliances’ new Super Combo product