As a hands-on CEO and professional speaker, Mr. Vir shares his expertise with a wide variety of audiences. Whether he’s leading a corporate training or inspiring MBA students, he delivers a captivating story and undeniable business insight. Want to see Mr. Vir’s message in action? Check out the videos, photos and presentation recaps below.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale (May 2014)

In late May, Mr. Vir was invited to his alma mater, The Lawrence School in Lovedale, India, to present two keynotes. During the first keynote

address,  Mr.Vir shared his “Never Give In” story and lessons with the military school’s student body, who were celebrating  their  156th Founders Day. As he recounted the twists and turns in his entrepreneurial journey, the sprit of the school’s founder, Sir Henry Lawrence, and its official motto, “Never Give In,” filled the grand auditorium. The second speech of his visit was delivered to the alumni board.

To view Mr. Vir’s entire 156th Founders Day speech to the students at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, please watch the video above.  To watch a teaser video about Mr. Vir’s new India product launch, click here.

Please download the following link to view the transcript and slides from Mr. Vir's alumni speech: PSC-Atul-Vir-Keynote-Lawrence-Alumni-Slides