Atul Vir is a hands-on CEO, seasoned entrepreneur, inventor and business ethics atul 3 1024x682 thought leader committed to excellence and innovation. Mr. Vir operates his global company, Equator Advanced Appliances, on the principles of strong ethics and superior customer service — values that set him apart from the laissez-faire conduct of the business world. He shares this expertise in speaking engagements around the globe.

Mr. Vir founded Equator Advanced Appliances with one goal: to help his wife spend less time doing laundry and more time with her family. Over the years, he has grown Equator into a leading appliance company with interests in the United States, India, China, Canada and Europe. As the President of Equator, Mr. Vir is known for designing some of the world’s most innovative household appliances, including combo washer-dryers that wash and dry in a single unit. Mr. Vir’s work has led to 16 patents and a global reputation for innovation.

An Indian immigrant who was told “you don’t know a thing” in his first American job interview, Mr. Vir has twice been named Wells Fargo Bank Entrepreneur of the Year, was an Ernst and Young Finalist and is an internationally acclaimed CEO. Equator has been ranked in the Houston 100 List of Fastest Growing Companies, and has been featured in leading media such as CBS News, HGTV, Oprah, Fortune magazine, Popular Mechanics, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 


But that doesn’t mean there weren’t struggles along the way. Throughout his “trial and error” entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Vir has witnessed the best and worst of business ethics. He’s survived the repercussions of a manufacturer who supplied him with flawed products, has seen other CEOs make major layoffs to drive profit, and is confronted with situations that require ethical decision-making everyday as a CEO. Peppering these experiences with a bit of humor and a lot of humility, Mr. Vir motivates audiences to make ethics and customer service their top priority — even at the expense of short-term profit.

Mr. Vir has delivered presentations to groups worldwide, including MBA students, industry execs, entrepreneurs, and soon, alumni of his alma mater, The Lawrence School, Lovedale. Mr. Vir is appointed to the Dean’s Advisory Council of the Business School of the University of Houston and is the Principal of Shangri-La Contemporary Arts Foundation. He is currently writing a book about his journey, tentatively titled “And All I Wanted Was to Wear Clean Clothes.”